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May the 4th be with you!

In celebration of the most Force sensitive day of the year, Asgard Games will be hosting several events and festivities for all of our Star Wars fans and gamers!

The store will be opening early and we’ll be playing Episodes I-VII on all screens all day.

X-Wing, Armada, Star Wars Board Games, Star Wars Collectibles will all be buy one get one half off!!!

Spirit of Rebellion goes on sale this day so we will have boxes of boosters ready for you to pick up.

Special events will be as follows:
X-wing Tournament Starting at 6:00 p.m. $10 entry fee.

Armada Tournament Starting at 5:00 p.m. $10 entry fee

Star wars Destiny Tournament Starting at 6:00 p.m. $10 entry fee

Star Wars Free play from open to close.

Raffles and doorprizes including posters, collectible figures, blasters, Cards, Starships.
Costume contest with a killer first prize from 5:00 to close.

Amonkhet PreRelease!

The desert oasis of Amonkhet forges warriors. You have trained your entire life for a chance to face the Trials of the Five Gods and join the elite ranks of the Worthy. Using your strength, speed, and cunning, overcome deadly challenges and rise above the competition to claim an honored place in the Afterlife!


Asgard Games gladly welcomes a challenge of the gods!

Registration starts at 10:00 p.m. on Friday the 21st and kick off at Midnight. There will be contests. raffles, and door prizes. We’ll Mt. Dew, Monster, Redbull, Coffee, and copious snacks available.


Local Gamer Fighting Against Leukemia


Houston-native, long-time Magic player, and shield-mate to Asgard Games Drew Feder is bravely battling a terrible disease. Drew is a friend to many in the Magic the Gathering community and it’s time to step in and help him on his road to victory! On May 6th, Asgard Games hosts a family-friendly fundraiser for Drew. It’s a day of celebration and gaming. There will be special tournaments, a bake sale, face painting, music, a silent auction, raffle prizes, discounted prices for games, and much more. A portion of the sales and tournament entry fees directly benefit Drew. You can also donate to his GoFundMe campaign. Come help us help Drew win the game that really matters.


Here’s a little note from Drew.

My name is Drew Feder. I was born and raised in Houston and started playing Magic around the release of Fourth Edition and Ice Age. In college, I took a break from Houston and Magic but happily returned to both. After a few different post-college jobs, I started a software and translation business and around the same time, I started playing Magic again. I love my old cards, so 1.5 / Legacy attracted me and I’ve been addicted to the format ever since. At the time, I had to travel to Dallas and Austin for Legacy tournaments but luckily I soon discovered that a new gaming shop opened up in central Houston called Asgard. Now, we Houstonians are blessed with frequent Legacy tournaments (along with everything else gamers could want). Unfortunately, I’ve been taken away from my favorite hobby again in the last few months. In November of 2016 I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. The news came as a shock and life has been turned upside down to a certain extent. Hospital visits for chemotherapy and other treatments now dominate my schedule, along with insurance ordeals, etc. Work and other obligations have become more difficult and I have to wait for my white blood cell counts to be high enough before I can visit my friends at Asgard and get my Legacy fix. However, I’m fighting and expect to win the battle against this disease by the end of the year. The support I’ve received during this process has been the silver lining of the situation and I’m incredibly appreciative. With the help of family and friends, I hope that by 2018 I will be taking my weekly Legacy tournaments for granted once again!

Board Games in Abundance!

Browse our large selection of board, dice, and card games and take advantage of our friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you choose the next adventure for your gaming group.
We have regular demos every Sunday and discounts on games! Come on in, play a game, have a beer, and walk away with a box full of fun!

It’s a Conspiracy ( draft ) !!!

The set that was created for the most interactive and exciting drafts is back at Asgard Games! Do you have what it takes to become the Monarch?  What’s your hidden agenda?
We’ll be hosting a series of Conspiracy drafts throughout February!
The first draft will be Saturday the 4th and registration begins at 1:00 with a $15.00 entry fee.