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Old-school D&D at Asgard Games: Through Ultan's Door

  • Asgard Games LLC 3302 S. Shepherd Dr. (map)


ADVENTURE PITCH: The Censors have shattered the gates and killed the Somnambulist! The Synod of Sleep is no more! You few acolytes race to Ultan’s door to find the Weaver of Shadows to bestow its sacrament on the chosen one among you.

PCs will start the game revealing among themselves the “chosen one” and proceed into Zyan. Once in the land of the Dreaming, they must protect the chosen one, find the Weaver of Shadows, and beseech the daemon to bestow the mark of Archamon— anointing a new Somnambulist in the Numinous Game!

RULESET: Level 2 Characters will be created using the 1981 Basic/Expert D&D rules- ideal for speed and simplicity. Given the “low-power” of the ruleset, players will have to use their wits and co-operation to navigate the dangers & obstacles encountered.

NEW PLAYERS WELCOME! As well as those curious about old-school rules. No experience, or dice, necessary!

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